About Us

Walipromotes is a platform that promotes entertainment, especially music in Africa. We aim at creating an international platform that would enable African artists to showcase their talent to the world.

We dedicated to provide you the latest and most important news, updates, events and everything about entertainment in Africa. 

We’re out promoting entertainment in Africa and has developed a network for artists to promote music, merchandise and other social activities that support their success. Walipromotes is part of Walis Media Company.



About the CEO

Yaya Waliyudini is a software developer and digital marketer. He is the Founder of Nexbyt.com and has developed many software systems, including school management, poll system, artificial intelligence, and much more. He has worked with music companies like Amazon Music and has gained valuable experience in promoting music.

Yaya is not only a software developer but also a Data Scientist with extensive experience in using popular music technologies such as Big Data, Big Query, and AI. He also works as an independent consultant for medium-sized projects.

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